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Somatic Coaching with Anjali 


I trust you are here because you are ready to dive deeper with yourself that ever before. 

The women I work with are fiercely committed to themselves and their healing. 

She is ready to dismantle her shame so she can fall in love with herself. 

She is willing to feel her emotions, even the hard ones, to set herself free. 

She is devoted to nurturing her Inner Child, the little one within that wants to be safe, loved, and protected. 

She is a woman taking responsibility for her life once and for all. No longer dwelling in excuses, but prepared to transform and become who she was placed here to be. 

If this is you, you're in the right place. 

The Language of The Body

Somatic Experiencing is a therapeutic healing modality that is body-centered. This approach focuses on helping you to release stored tension, stress, energy and trauma held within the body in an organic way. Instead of traditional talk therapy, which is very common, SE brings awareness  to sensations, movements, and physical responses so that you can learn the unique language of your own body. A large emphasis of SE is also working with the Nervous System and it's role in healing trauma. The Nervous System is responsible for how we respond to life every single day. Through our work together I help you become more literate in reading the signs of your body so you can feel empowered, begin experiencing life outside of survival mode, build confidence to advocate for your needs, have agency over your life, and build a strong and resilient sense of self to carry you through life.

Somatic Experiencing
Somatic Experiencing

Paint The Vision

You live in devotion to yourself and put yourself first. You don't worry about what others think or how you'll be perceived. You know what you deserve and you're not afraid to go after it. 

Play is a priority in your life. You nurture yourself by making sure to have FUN. You play, dance, sing, and do what makes your spirit come alive.

You do not take peoples shit. You are empathetic with strong boundaries. You know it's not your responsibility to fix or save anyone. You can hold space for others while protecting your heart and energy. You're not afraid of rejection and you no longer sacrifice yourself for others.

You are connected to your body. You know how it communicates to you and when to slow down and listen. You honor your body and what it needs. 

You are in-tune with your emotions and welcome what needs to be felt. You understand that feeling sets you free, and you have the tools to support you.

You LOVE yourself. You see yourself. You know you are whole. You do not define yourself by your past, but recognize al you have went through has been an important part of your journey. You are free from self doubt and inner criticism. You love and accept all of who you are.


Clients Testimonials

My 1:1 work started my relationship with Anjali. Through the months we worked together, I became aware of deeply ingrained codependency patterns and self-abandonment. Having weekly time to sit with a woman who so solidly mirrors what it looks like to have and express clear and healthy boundaries was seriously life changing. Anjali truly embodies what she teaches, something that only comes from years of devotion to her own liberation. I then joined The Sisterhood, which has been a great way to have continued support from Anjali as well as a community of women who are all committed to their own liberation and empowerment. It is beautiful how one woman’s story can be a teaching and inspiration for many others, which is something I’ve experienced a lot while in this group container. I love Anjali, and I deeply admire her commitment to showing up so authentically, her professionalism is impeccable and she is a woman of impact. I’ve made it a goal of mine to surround myself with people who are good for my wellbeing, and Anjali is at the top of the list.

—  Islay Smedley

slow, sustainable healing.

The work we do together is slow, sustainable, and takes time. There is no quick fix to healing trauma or re-wiring our deep seeded patterns of protection or coping. It would be out of integrity for me to tell you that all your problems and challenges will *poof* disappear. 

A much more honest answer is that you will feel the embodiment of your power day by day as you remain devoted to the commitment of coming back to yourself.  Life will always come with ups and downs, it's not about eliminating challenge but how you move through and meet those moments is what reflects your growth and resilience. You will learn to see hard moments as beautiful opportunities, or even gifts, which help you become the most empowered and capable version of yourself possible. 

Here's a taste of what working together looks like:

  • Assessing your desires, goals, and focus for our time working together.

  • Building connection, intimacy, and trust between the two of us so you can feel supported and seen.

  • Understanding the role of radical responsibility and agency over your experience so we have clear boundaries to work with.

  • Body - Mind connection. Cultivating a deeper relationship with your body, sensation, voice, and emotions. Learning how your Nervous System Functions.

  • Creating a foundation of Spiritual awareness and practice to support you in your journey that feels most aligned with you.

  • Building a relationship with your inner world, naming outdated stories and belief systems.

  • Taking action in small digestible steps that create sustainable progress day by day.

  • Working with your unique nervous system to create more range, capacity, awareness, and resilience to move out of survival flight, fight, freeze, appease responses and into liberation.

  • Allowing trauma to be released from your body with the modality of Somatic Experiencing, where you learn how to expand your capacity to feel, be present with what is, and build connection to your inner world.

Although we will have goals working together, there is no "agenda". Every session will be based in meeting you exactly where you're at and what will best support you. This is intuitive work that doesn't always flow in a linear way, but inevitably gives you exactly what is needed and brings you where you are meant to be. 

Image by Dewang Gupta


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