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The Language of The Body

Somatic Experiencing is a therapeutic healing modality that is body-centered. This approach focuses on helping you to release stored tension and trauma held within the body in a non-invasive way. Instead of traditional talk therapy, which is very common, SE brings awareness  to sensations, movements, and physical responses so that you can learn the unique language of your own body. A large emphasis of SE is also working with the Nervous System and it's role in healing trauma. The Nervous System is responsible for how we respond to life every single day. Through our work together I help you become more literate in reading the signs of your body so you can feel empowered to advocate for your needs, have agency over your life, and build a strong and resilient nervous system to move through life with. 

Somatic Experiencing
Somatic Experiencing

Let's Paint 

Do you feel as if you are living in a numb or stressed out state? Moving on auto-pilot, feeling chronically overwhelmed or undernourished both physically and emotionally? This could very much be a sign that your Nervous System is stuck in Fight / Flight / Freeze and so you find yourself spinning in familiar patterns that aren't serving where you want to go in life. 

My work is to help women come back into their bodies, and thus back into their power. 

To be honest, many people in our world today are existing in a way that doesn't feel good and repeating old trauma loops. This is no way to live. I learned long ago that if you desire to change your life, you have a choice. You can choose to evolve, or repeat. 

If change & transformation is what you are looking for, you're in the right place. Since 2018 I've been helping women create epic, sustainable change in their lives through Coaching and Somatic work.


I don't offer quick fixes

The work we do together is slow, sustainable, and takes time. There is no quick fix to healing trauma or re-wiring our deep seeded patterns of protection or coping. It would be out of integrity for me to tell you that all your problems and challenges will *poof* disappear. 

A much more honest answer is that life will life. Meaning there will always be ups and downs while we are here. How you move through and meet those moments is what matters most. Instead of shutting down, running away, feeling defeated, you can learn to see challenging moments as lessons, opportunities, and even gifts which help you become the best version of yourself possible. 

Here's a taste of what working together looks like:

  • Assessing your desires, goals, and focus for our time working together.

  • Getting clear on what steps we get to take together to create the most transformation.

  • Understanding the role of radical responsibility and agency over your experience.

  • Body - Mind connection. Cultivating a deeper relationship with your body, intuition, voice, and inner power.

  • Creating a foundation of spiritual awareness and understanding that can support you in your inner work and journey that feels aligned for you.

  • Creating a relationship with your inner child and younger parts that come through to work with.

  • Taking action in small, tangible steps that create sustainable progress.

  • Working with your unique nervous system to create more range, pleasure, awareness, and resilience to move out of flight, fight, freeze, appease responses.

  • Allowing trauma to be released from your body through movement, breathwork, gentle inquiry, and somatic experiencing. 

Image by Dewang Gupta


  • 4-6 Months of working 1:1 together either in-person (Asheville, NC & surrounding areas) or virtually (on Zoom).

  • One 60-75 minute sessions together once a week.

  • Instant access to Anjali's Radical Boundaries Course 

  • 20% off a women's retreat with Anjali 

  • Monday - Friday additional support via Whatsapp or Telegram 

Coaching Clients Testimonials

My 1:1 work started my relationship with Anjali. Through the 2 months we worked together, I became aware of deeply ingrained codependency patterns and self-abandonment. Having weekly time to sit with a woman who so solidly mirrors what it looks like to have and express clear and healthy boundaries was seriously life changing. Anjali truly embodies what she teaches, something that only comes from years of devotion to her own liberation. I then joined The Sisterhood, which has been a great way to have continued support from Anjali as well as a community of women who are all committed to their own liberation and empowerment. It is beautiful how one woman’s story can be a teaching and inspiration for many others, which is something I’ve experienced a lot while in this group container. I love Anjali, and I deeply admire her commitment to showing up so authentically, her professionalism is impeccable and she is a woman of impact. I’ve made it a goal of mine to surround myself with people who are good for my wellbeing, and Anjali is at the top of the list.

—  Islay Smedley

Areas of Specialty 

I work with biological women who find themselves struggling with codependency, anxiety, PTSD, 

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