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Somatic Healing for the modern-day woman who is connecting back to her body, inner power, and embodied expression in the world.

Our Mission & Vision

To guide women back into the unshakable, oracular truth of who they are. Every woman has gnosis, ancient wisdom, inside of her body. In our world today there is much disembodiment which occurs through trauma, distractions, and culture, leaving women feeling disconnected from themselves, thus disconnected from their power. Radical Woman is a community of women coming back into their power through Somatic Healing and reuniting with the wisdom in their bones. The body holds all you'll ever need to know. This work intimately expand upon a woman's confidence, embodiment, expression, boundaries, and connection to her Spirit. 

I believe that an embodied woman is a true source of power in this world. A power that is not overcompensated with masculine force, but with a steady Feminine pulse through all of her life.

Radical Woman Somatic Healing for women
International Women's Retreat
Anjai Romaniuk Somatic Healing for Women

Our Offerings...

Anjali's offers are intentional, potent, and transformative. 

Women's Retreats

1:1 Coaching 

Group Coaching inside RWP 

Self Paced Digital Courses 

In-person Events & Gatherings


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