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The Portal of Transformation

Trusting the impulse which brought you here

You're not a mediocre woman, and you're not here to live a mediocre life. You are Radical.

Working together in any capacity is a always an honor. My vision is to create resources for women to start their journey no matter where you're at in life. The design of my offerings is to take you on a journey of coming back home to yourself. A reclamation of your body, voice, and inherent power as a woman on this Earth. You were born to experience life to the fullest capacity. 

Healing our traumas is not an easy path. It takes courage to look into our wounds and decide to change our relationship to them. Taking accountability for the ways in which we show up for ourselves and for others transforms life as we know it. Choosing to play the cards we have been dealt in life, and making magic with them is the path to empowerment and liberation. 

Radical Woman

Virtual DIY Courses 

Courses which allow you to work at your own pace as a self study offering. My current DIY course RADICAL BOUNDARIES allows you to explore boundaries in a somatic informed way so you can heal people pleasing tendencies to feel empowered and confident. 

  • Purchase a course once and have access to it forever

  • Return to content as needed as you continue to grow

  • Learn about your unique boundary blueprint

  • Explore what blocks you from saying "no" to others

  • Receive somatic practices to create safety in your body 

  • Learn Conscious Communication Skills 

  • Identify your core values, needs, and desires

  • Understand who holds responsibility with boundaries

Starting at $150 USD

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Women's retreats are powerful, transformative containers where we come together for inner healing, embodiment, sisterhood, adventure, learning, play, and deeper connection with self & soul. Retreats are held internationally and have a typical capacity of 10-12 women.

Inside a Radical Woman Retreat you can expect....

  • Beautiful retreat centers with amazing accommodations to support the experience.

  • Fresh, organic, catered meals

  • Group activities, workshops, outdoor adventures

  • Yoga, dance, meditation, breath work, and singing

  • Optional plant medicine ceremonies

  • Ample down time for relaxation & self nurturance 

  • Altar space creation as a group 

  • Laughter, breakthrough, connection, friendship

Pricing rages between $1,800-$3,500 depending on retreat

Group Coaching Program


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