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A 6 week Somatic Program to help you nurture your Nervous System, regulate your emotions and connect to your bodies wisdom with Somatic Healing.

BEGINS January 27th, 2024

Dear Woman, it's time to come ALIVE.

What if I told you that learning to regulate your Nervous System can help you to embrace the life you desire to live? 

The Nervous System is wired to keep you safe, protected, and out of harms way. It is there to quite literally help us survive. When we experience trauma, adverse events, or any situation that has been challenging to cope with emotionally or physically, your Nervous System adapts to keep you alive. 

Somewhere along the way you may have begun to notice certain habits, patterns, or emotional reactions that sabotage or even limit your happiness while draining your energy, why?

Because your Nervous System is operating in an outdated Survival Pattern while it reaches for safety.

Which of the following do you experience?

☐ People pleasing, putting everyone before yourself, feeling drained and resentful.

☐ Easily triggered, defensive, and like everyone and everything is working against you.

☐ Avoiding intimacy and emotions because they are too scary to feel.

☐ Crying when you get angry, but unable to actually express your anger in a healthy way.

☐ Difficulty communicating your needs. Staying quiet to avoid conflicts to "keep the peace".

☐ Lacking energy and feeling tired no matter how much sleep you get.

☐ Chronic pain that seems to never goes away. Something always hurts or aches.

☐ Letting people treat you poorly and unable to stand up for yourself.

☐ In and out of one toxic relationship to the next. Wondering why you can't find a good partner.

☐ Feeling like you're never good enough, always judging or criticizing yourself.

Struggling with wanting to just give up and feeling hopeless.

Bombarded with constant anxiety, worry, fear and feeling on edge all the time.

Good news! Nothing is wrong with you. These are all common signs of a dysregulated Nervous System, and it's time to learn how to regulate so you can come out of surviving and begin truly LIVING a life that feels good.

Hi, I'm Anjali. I'm trauma Informed Life coach, Somatic Practitioner, and Yoga Teacher. I specialize in Nervous System Regulation, Embodiment, and helping women cultivate Radical Self Love. 


Like many, I have experienced complex trauma, childhood trauma, and for many years I was suffering with anxiety, self sabotage, and chronic emotional distress. I spent so much time and money working on my "mindset", using manifestations tools, and years of therapy talking about my trauma, yet nothing was really working. I felt broken, confused, and frustrated. 

Somatic Experiencing came into my life and within a few months I noticed how my life began to change. As I learned about my nervous system and the intelligence of my own body, I understood my symptoms and patterns in a clearer way. Instead of constantly trying to fix myself, I gained tools and insight on what my nervous system needed to feel safe and come out of survival mode. I began living life IN my body again, rather than avoiding my emotions and living in my mind..

My desire is to give you the same opportunity to heal from the inside out. To hold space for empathy, curiosity and understanding. I want you to know there is so much more for you. You get to have a life with more ease, regulation, and safety. You don't have to just survive anymore. You get to come ALIVE.

Meet Anjali Romaniuk

Envision your life with a Regulated Nervous System

➡ Plenty of energy to take on your day and prioritizing the things that nourish and support your life.

➡ More presence with yourself & your loved ones. Being around your kids, friends or lover totally available for connection and affection

➡ Feeling at ease in social settings because you are at ease in your own bod.

➡ Healthy boundaries that reflect your worth and leave you feeling respected, heard, and seen by yourself + others.

A romantic relationship that is safe, authentic, and enhances the quality of your life and brings out the best in you.

➡ In-tune with your emotions and fully capable of supporting yourself when challenging moments arise, because it's inevitable.

Passionate and inspired to start and complete projects 

that you have reallllllllyyy been wanting to do or put out there.

Rested, nourished, and no longer overwhelmed by shame or guilt for putting your needs first.

This is what's possible from Somatic and Nervous System Healing.

Image by Hanna Postova
Image by Milan Popovic

This course is for you if...

  • You are on a personal development and healing journey. 

  • You are curious about somatic healing and want to experience it!

  • You know you want to create changes within yourself and your life. 

  • You want to feel connected to yourself emotionally and physically in a deeper way.

  • You are ready to regulate your nervous system, begin feeling at peace, and living life with curiosity and possibility.

  • You desire to create a secure relationship within yourself and in turn with others

  • You are ready to prioritize yourself, and in doing so serve others with more love, compassion, and intention.

  • You are ready to invest your time, energy, and money to feel lighter, connected to yourself, and energized. 


Course Details

SEVEN 60-75 minute Group Calls

Kickoff call on Sunday, January 27th 2024 6:30pm EST

Weekly calls every Wednesday Evening @ 6:30pm EST

CALL DATES: 1/27, 1/31, 2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/2

Private WhatsApp Community Chat for Questions, Support, Additional Guidance.

Somatic Practices, Tools, Exercises, and Worksheets to have FOREVER

*All calls are recorded & shared with the group.


Exploring your felt sense and the language of your own body. Learning the foundational exercises like orienting, resourcing, and building your counter vortex. 

nervous system

The science behind trauma and how it impacts our lives. Understand cycle completion and how to support yourself in moments of activation.


The embodiment of our instincts and the intelligence of our bodies. Practice movements and tools to awaken the energy of the animal within.


Radical acceptance of all parts of you. Integration of tools and practices as you claim the peace, ease, and regulation you have been desiring. Resolution comes with time and consistency in the journey.




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